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JUNE 2024

Road closures prevented many from getting in or out of the Boundary Waters, and the U.S. Forest Service said it was understaffed because of the Juneteenth federal holiday.

APRIL 2024

15 years after federal dollars funded sprinkler programs in northern Minnesota their success relies on local maintenance

December 2023

Three planes help monitor and fight wildfires in Superior National Forest, the most at-risk national forest east of the Mississippi.

December 2023

MAY 2024

The remote village of Isabella endured the brunt of the 2021 Greenwood Fire, leaving behind a burned landscape, piles of waste, and lots of questions.

December 2023

November 2023

The Wild Rice House is focused on preserving and advancing a community model for seasonal and sustainable harvesting of this traditional food.

Driving home, I realize the Finland Wild Rice House experience has worked: I have a new relationship with this native grain.

August 2023

Climate change is happening remarkably fast in Minnesota's northeastern region called the Arrowhead, threatening the trees and other species that define its coniferous forest. 

September 2023

At the far end of the Grand Marais harbor, where busy summer sidewalks give way to a rocky path leading to Artist’s Point, a determined woman has been inviting people to stop for a moment on her covered porch to reflect, connect, and engage in the lost art of postcards.

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